The Puppet Masters (1994)

The Puppet Masters

Directed by Stuart Orme

1994 • R • English • 109 min.

Though it’s based on a 1951 novel, The Puppet Masters plays a bit like an X-Files two-parter — two attractive government agents (played by Eric Thal and Julie Warner) investigate a fake UFO landing that turns out to be a distraction from a real UFO landing. And they do it wearing suit jackets that are just a little too big the way suit jackets always were in the 1990s. They find out pretty quickly that the UFO passengers are aliens of the body snatching persuasion. Bonus: said aliens are realized with some icky practical effects. Additional bonus: two of the other government agents are portrayed by the always reliable Keith David and Donald Sutherland.

Cast: Donald Sutherland, Eric Thal, Julie Warner, Keith David

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