We love science fiction movies. We love thoughtful sci-fi (Arrival) and action-packed sci-fi (The Terminator) and old-school sci-fi (This Island Earth) and weird sci-fi (David Cronenberg’s Existenz).

We also love horror movies and are big fans of the horror movie streaming site Shudder (which you totally should subscribe to). We thought it’d be cool to have something like the science fiction version of Shudder, a curated site full of streaming sci-fi movies and TV shows. And we realized that, given all the free/ad-driven video services available on the web these days, we could create such a site. Instead of actually hosting the movie and video streams like Shudder, our site would be a curated directory that points people to great sci-fi on different streaming services.

So welcome to Subspace.

Here’s a little more information about some of the video streaming services we link to:

  • Tubi (tubitv.com): watch movies and TV shows free with ads, no login required.
  • Pluto TV (pluto.tv): watch movies and TV shows free with ads, no login required.
  • The Roku Channel (therokuchannel.roku.com): the Roku folks who make those neat little set-top streaming video boxes also run this neat little streaming movie and TV channel. Free with ads, no login required.
  • Peacock (www.peacocktv.com): NBC’s streaming service has free-with-ads and paid tiers — we link to their free-with-ads videos. Peacock requires you to login, but you can set up an account there for free.
  • NBC.com (www.nbc.com): NBC still streams some movies and TV shows on it’s NBC.com site. Free-with-ads, no login required.
  • Vudu (www.vudu.com): Though it is probably better known for offering digital movies for rent and sale, Vudu also offers a selection of free-with-ads movies. Login required.
  • Kino Cult (www.kinocult.com): Kino Lorber has been releasing an interesting variety of movies and TV show on disc for years, and they recently added this free online streaming service for some of their more “cult classic”-type movies. No login required, and from what we’ve seen so far, no ads.
  • Shout Factory TV (www.shoutfactorytv.com): Like Kino, Shout Factory now has a video streaming site in addition to its physical media business. No login required, free with ads.
  • Plex (watch.plex.tv): Plex got its start making software to help people organize and watch their own media, but lately they’ve been offering a good selection of streaming movies and TV shows. Free with ads, no login required.
  • Kanopy (www.kanopy.com): Kanopy streams movies online for free. A login is required, and you need a local library card to set up your Kanopy account. So find your local library and go get your library card if you don’t have one already. Libraries are cool!
  • Hoopla (www.hoopladigital.com): Like Kanopy, Hoopla also requires a login and a local library card. Watching movies on Hoopla is a little different — you can’t stream unlimited movies from Hoopla, but you can “check out” a limited number of movies every month, and it’s totally free. Bonus: you can also “borrow” TV shows, ebooks and e-comics, music, and audiobooks from Hoopla!

(“We,” by the way, are Chance Shirley and Chris Vander Kaay. Stop by and say “hi” to us on Twitter — our handles are @crewless and @ckvanderkaay, respectively.)